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Pork Pepper Noodles

Sweet & Colorful Noodles with thin sliced pork + 1 or 2 veggies is a go-to dish in China. Different veggies and spices are used in different regions to different styles of cuisines so that the dish of the same name on the menu could taste totally differently depending

Fusion Alfredo Shrimp Pasta

Combined Goodness of Chinese and Italian Cuisines There are noodles in China and there are pastas in Italy. Chinese people claim that Marco Polo brought noodles from China to Italy on his fabled trips so the "strings of flour" appeared in Italy. But the Italians are showing documents to the

Baby Bok Choy & Shiitake Mushrooms

Stir Fried This is one of the most popular veggie dishes in Shanghai, China. Baby bok choy is really the most affordable veggie in China and this makes it possible for the dish appear on every family dinner menus. Shiitake mushroom, valued as a symbol of longevity, is a

Curry Beef Noodles

with veggies Dishes made with curry flavor are popular in summer because the strong taste will compensate after the wash of gallons of water you drink to fight off sweltering heat. Hot Spices help release the heat got trapped in our body so that balance can be achieved

Mung Bean Soup

Savory Summer Soup Chinese people are pretty well-known for using food to battle unpleasant elements in life to stay healthy and happy. Different food for different seasons and different genders. We don't know exactly how long ago this tradition started, but we do know that it is true according

Wonton Soup

Shanghai style Wonton Soup One of The Most Popular Dishes in Shanghai! wonton wraps: 1 pack from local Asian grocery market wonton filling ingredients: - 1 lb. organic ground pork - 1 lb. baby bok choy (baby arugula for a fusion version) - 1/2 dozen

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Green Beans Stir Fried

(garlic flavored) Green Bean is one of the most popular vegetables both in China and America, but is cooked very differently. Most vegetables are stir-fried not steamed so that the natural green flavor is kept and they will taste much better. All needed is oil and salt. No

5-Spiced Basa Fillet

Making a meal that's both tasty & healthy has been my ultimate pursuit in my kitchen. Everybody loves fried fish but many times it is too greasy. Everybody loves shaked & baked fish but the shake mix itself is full of add-on stuff we don't need. I tried this minimal style

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Sausage Rice

Quick & Easy One-Pot Meat A rice cooker is the secret weapon to make delicious rice everyday in my family. Fluffy? Chowey? No problem! A mixed sausage and veggies rice? I did it right there! It looks good and it tastes very delicious! When you don't have too

Shrimp Tofu Noodles

Noodles to Chinese people are like sandwiches to Americans. Fix a peanut butter jerry sandwich when you are hungry and feel lazy here. Cook a bowl of noodles when you are hungry and feel lazy over there. Of course, you can let your sandwich go fancy and they can

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