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Sausage Rice (version 2)

Rice Cooker Meal Sausage rice is a Chinese classic. There are many different kinds of sausages in different regions of China but the dish of sausage rice on their menus unifies all. The intense flavor makes a bowl of otherwise plain rice very tasty. The following are the most

Stir-Fry Baby Kale & Pecan

Kale in salad sometimes tastes boring. Not with this recipe. After quick stir-frying with pecans for couple of minutes it will pick up the nutty flavor from pecans and olive oil. You will end up eating more baby kales and tasty pecans. Ingredients: -  half lb of

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Mushroom Double

Shiitake mushrooms +white mushrooms Shanghai style of cooking is usually very light and healthy as shown in this traditional recipe of mushrooms. Most of veggies are for quick stir-fry to maintain freshness and all the nutrients in the produce. Many local farmers would pick up the mushrooms from their

Mango Parfait

When it is burning hot in the heat dome, parfait tops the lunch menu. This is a really delicious recipe: -  layer 1: 3 tablespoonfuls of whole milk greek yogurt -  layer 2: half a mango sliced -  layer 3: 1 thin slices of prosciutto shreded -  layer 4: 3

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