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Pork Pepper Noodles

Sweet & Colorful Noodles with thin sliced pork + 1 or 2 veggies is a go-to dish in China. Different veggies and spices are used in different regions to different styles of cuisines so that the dish of the same name on the menu could taste totally differently depending

Curry Beef Noodles

with veggies Dishes made with curry flavor are popular in summer because the strong taste will compensate after the wash of gallons of water you drink to fight off sweltering heat. Hot Spices help release the heat got trapped in our body so that balance can be achieved

Yummy Tender Ribs

Meat in Chinese cuisine is usually done in woks and never in ovens because it will be very rarely to see ovens in typical Chinese family kitchens. In order to keep the original fresh pork flavor + yummy Chinese food taste, I roasted the ribs in the oven with the popular Chinese 5-Spice

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